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Bart-ender is an international dance classics DJ who creates an

agreeable, dance-able and joyful atmosphere.


DJ Bart-ender plays a nostalgic and varied program full of music of Joy

and hope, centered around the 70’s dance classics, but also containing

the best music from the 50’s, 60’s, 80’s en 90’s, compiled for you in a

typical proportion:

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50's          60's          70's           80's           90's

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During 25 years, DJ Bart-ender has gathered

an impressive music collection of a thousand

songs full of nostalgia in the broad genre of

dance classics: disco, soul, rock ’n roll, italo,

gospel and R&B.

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DJ Bart-ender can be hired for a wide array of

events: from festivals to business events and

from weddings to dance events and theme


Bart-ender is truly international, with a unique music collection. Not only in English, but also in Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

All within the dance classics genre, with a nostalgic

atmosphere, adaptable

to your occasion.


The music speaks to

the heart and people cannot stay away because of the atmosphere. Bart-ender creates the perfect context for this. A context of kindness and encouragement in which people can enJoy and feel loved.

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